Catgut Plain (Plain Catgut)

Absorbable surgical suture

Type Twisted multifilament with a monofilament appearance
Composition Strands of purified collagen taken from the serosal layer of selected bovines. Origin from BSE−free classified countries. 
Coating None
Tissue reaction Moderate 
Absortion By phagocytosis. Complete mass absorption in approximately 63 days. Approximately 50% of tensile strength remain after 7 days. When used in infected tissues or in tissues with increased levels of proteolytic enzymes (stomach, cervix, vagina) it is more quickly absorbed.
Tensile strength Post implantation
7 days
14 days
Approximate % original strength remaining
Suture colour Ivory
Range USP 6/0 − 2
Indictations Catgut plain sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue closing and/or ligation; especially in general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, ophthalmic surgery.

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